Mr. Russell Lynch

President of SLD Commodities, Inc (USA)

Time: from 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM of Saturday, March 02, 2019
Venue: Vinpearl HUE Hotel (7th floor area)

Russell Lynch has been in the Cashew Nut business for 44 years. Starting with Lonray, Inc, the New York office of an English trading company, he moved on to the role of Vice President of J F Braun & Sons after Lonray acquired them in 1979.

A few years later, he was hired to start up the nut trading division of another English trading house, Sunland, Inc and in 1988 Mr Lynch acquired the Sunland’s nut business and changed the name to SLD Commodities, Inc. Incidentally, the name SLD came from Sunland’s answerback on the telex machine. The Telex machine soon died but SLD has been going strong ever since then. They have recently celebrated their 30th year in the nut business. Since inception, SLD has been consistently been one of the largest cashew nut importers in the United States each year

As the market has changed, they have changed with it. Originally, their major sources were India and Brazil. In the early 1990’s they started importing from Vietnam. In recent years, as Brazil’s crop has declined and as India has focused more and more on its domestic market, SLD’s business with Vietnam has grown rapidly. As Vietnam continues to grow and its quality improves, SLD is prepared to grow with it and assist in improving the quality with the goal of Vietnam becoming the best and most reliable source of Cashew nuts in the world.